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Review of Spoken Hindustani

Spoken Hindustani reviewSpoken Language Services advertises that their techniques were developed to teach languages fast during World War II. Their method is auditory, providing Hindi conversations and phrases to listen to and repeat until memorization is achieved. If you’re not an auditory learner, you probably already know this isn’t a really good way for you to learn Hindi. Online activities and a more modern format would probably help this program appeal to a wider audience.

Another problem with Spoken Language’s program is that the text is completely transcribed in a Roman alphabet rather than the indigenous Devanāgarī script. This could be due to the fact that Hindi’s “sister language” Urdu is written using an Arabic script, or possibly that the original goal of the software was to teach conversational Hindi speedily. But the bottom line is, Spoken Language teaches auditory learners to speak the language but does not teach anyone to read Hindi in any kind of useful way.

In addition, it’s difficult to locate the CD version of this software; the company’s site is outdated, and even though the cassette format was changed to CD several years ago, the site still advertises the cassette product. That, right there, should raise red flags about the company’s customer service. In my opinion, Spoken Language Hindustani is not the best way to learn Hindi online, and I would NOT recommend it.

Rather try a proven Hindi course like Rocket Hindi if you want to learn Hindi fast with modern up to date learning tools.

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