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Review of Rosetta Stone Hindi

Rosetta Stone Hindi reviewRosetta Stone Hindi is as far as I know the most comprehensive Hindi language course on the market today.

You have the option to choose three different levels, each building on the previous one. They also offer their new Complete Online Access course where you have the option to buy a 3 month or 6 month access pass. This is a great way to learn Hindi online in a structured way from one of the world’s leading language companies.

However when we compared Rosetta Stone against our 3-step evaluation criteria, it didn’t score the highest score.

Here’s why. Fist let’s look at its usefulness rating. Even thou this is a good course, they also teach you stuff that you would never use while traveling through India. At the clarity level I’ll say Rosetta Stone is very good, but if we look at price, Rosetta Stone scores a very low rating since there is more affordable courses available on the market.

Six months of Rosetta Stone’s online course would set you back a whopping $299, and their level 1 DVD package will cost you $179. That’s just too expensive in my eyes.

I recommend you read our review of Rocket Hindi too, and that you only try Rosetta Stone Hindi if you are looking for an advance Hindi course to improve your current level of fluency. For these reasons I’ve given Rosetta Stone an 80% rating.

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