Is Rocket Hindi Worth Your Money and Time?

No one who has studied Hindi as a second language would ever call it simple to learn, so calling a program “Rocket Hindi” would seem to be a bit ironic. However, Rocket Hindi’s developers have probably packaged the fastest way to learn Hindi online imaginable – and it works for everyone, regardless of the way you learn.

Do you tend to retain and process what you hear? You probably learn languages easily anyway, but you’ll really enjoy Rocket Hindi’s engaging dialogues and enlightening explanations. Do you learn best by reading? You’ll love the fact that Rocket Hindi Premium provides transcripts to accompany their dialogues – not only in Romanized (English) script, but in India’s Devanāgarī script as well.

And if you are one of those people who learn best by doing, don’t worry – Rocket Hindi hasn’t forgotten you! You’ll absolutely love their educational video games, which don’t feel educational at all! WordMaster expands your vocabulary while challenging your new skills, and PhraseMaster trains your ear to follow the rapid Hindi speech you’ll hear in the streets. And if you think you must be having too much fun to be actually learning anything, test your knowledge with Rocket Hindi’s self-tests and quizzes.

When you buy Rocket Hindi Premium you’ll also get their new app for iOS and Android free. This is a great way to learn Hindi on the go.

Knowing something about the culture of India is part and parcel of learning Hindi online, so Rocket Hindi partners its 31 conversational lessons with 31 language and culture lessons, bringing you closer to the people you’re learning about. And if you need even more human contact, take advantage of Rocket Hindi’s exclusive learner’s forum. It’s open 24/7 and populated not only by other students but by native Indian speakers, who would be delighted to help you with any Hindi-related problem you may have.

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Rocket Hindi Premium review

Rocket Hindi review by Gerrit du Plessis
Rating: 4.5/5 stars
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