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Review of Pimsleur Hindi

Pimsleur Hindi reviewPimsleur has earned a commendable reputation for teaching adults a second (or subsequent) language the same way we learned our native tongue – through listening and repeating. Many people (presumably auditory learners) absolutely swear by Pimsleur, and it definitely excels in teaching accurate pronunciation.

However, there are many important areas in which Pimsleur Digital Hindi falls short. Grammar is glossed over; vocabulary is limited and not particularly useful; and there are only half the number of lessons in this supposedly “comprehensive” package as there are in Rocket Hindi (and Rocket Hindi’s price tag is significantly lower). A much more serious concern, however, is the oddly formal way the content is phrased. Modern-day speakers of Hindi simply do not talk like that, any more than we talk like George Washington. For these reasons, Pimsleur Digital Hindi does not appear to be the best way to learn Hindi online, and its lack of usefulness combined with its lack of value dropped its place in my rating system.

I recommend you rather use Rocket Hindi to learn Hindi with since it’s cheaper, and much more fun to use than Pimsleur Hindi.

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