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Review of Colloquial Hindi 2e

Colloquial Hindi reviewYou actually can’t consider Colloquial Hindi a method for learning Hindi online since it has no web interface, but I’m reviewing it here since it’s available for purchase on the internet. Compared to Rocket Hindi, you’ll immediately note that Colloquial Hindi is a much less expensive product. Normally this equates to a less comprehensive product as well, and this is definitely true here. Nonetheless, there are some features of Colloquial Hindi that make it a nice solution for the casual tourist.

For one, Colloquial Hindi is exactly what it says: colloquial. It doesn’t teach business or law school Hindi, but the kind you’d use when talking to people in the streets of India. And again, it doesn’t teach a LOT of Hindi – about 200 words — but that might just be enough to get by on a short trip. Better yet, Colloquial Hindi manages to introduce an unfamiliar-looking alphabet and an unfamiliar-sounding language in a way that is completely comprehensible to beginners, and that’s no small feat. The book includes plenty of exercises to reinforce learning and lots of needed grammar explanation. Had the developer, Tej K. Bhatia, opted to author a more comprehensive product that would help those needing a more complete and in-depth exposure to Hindi, Colloquial Hindi might emerge as a significant way to learn Hindi online, and I hope it does. But it’s just not quite there yet, that’s why I gave a such a low rating.

Rather have a look at Rocket Hindi Premium if you are looking for a fun and proven course to learn Hindi online and offline.

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