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Review of Byki Hindi Deluxe

Byki Hindi reviewYou’ll notice right away that Byki Hindi Deluxe 4 is one of the least expensive programs I’ve reviewed here, and there’s a reason for that – it’s by far the most lightweight. If you recognize right away that Byki Hindi doesn’t really aspire to be truly comprehensive, however, the program has many very positive things going for it. Byki’s philosophy is that a student must encounter a word between five and sixteen times before it is locked into the student’s memory.

The Byki program uses both images and sound to accentuate this locking-in process, and enhances learning with games and activities. These alternative ways of reinforcing words and phrases are very helpful in boosting recall and helping you learn Hindi online more quickly. Byki Hindi also uses an innovative technology known as “Slow Sound” to enable students to break new words down into their component phonemes and thus interpret them more successfully.

While Byki Hindi is not really comparable in scope to either Rocket Hindi or Pimsleur Hindi, students wanting to learn a little Hindi for a quick trip or their own personal enjoyment might find Byki Hindi to be sufficient.

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