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Let’s Talk About The Weather.

Hindi Weather PhrasesWhen we have nothing to talk about or just want to start a small conversation what do we do? We talk about the weather. Here is another short lesson that will help you to say something about the weather in Hindi.

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Lesson 8: Hindi Weather Phrases

play What’s the weather like?
मौसम कैसा है?
mausam kaisa hai?
play The weather is awful.
मौसम भयानक है.
mausam bhayanak hai.
play It’s pouring down.
बारिश हो रही है.
barish ho rahi hai.
play It’s very hot.
यह बहुत गर्म है.
yaha bahut garma hai.
play It’s very sunny.
यहा बहुत धूप है.
yaha bahut dhup hai.

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