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Hindi Travel PhrasesWhen traveling outside your native country, regardless of whether your trip is for business or pleasure, you are acting as an ambassador of your nation. So it’s extremely important to learn as much as you can about the cultural expectations of people in your host country, and be as polite and inoffensive as you can be. Say please and thank you often, and apologize whenever you think you could even possibly have offended anyone.

Lesson Three: Hindi Travel Phrases is very short — just a few vital phrases – but learning those phrases thoroughly and repeating them often will do you a world of good as you travel through India. So, by the way, will your attempts to speak Hindi intelligibly – people all over the world are thrilled when you try to speak their language.

As usual, our free Hindi lessons provide an audio component as well. Click the blue button beside the phrase you want to learn, and an articulate Hindi-speaker will pronounce the phrase clearly and correctly. You’ll be amazed at the difference this little exercise makes in your travels. If you want to learn still more Hindi – and you will – consider Rocket Hindi. When you become a Rocket Hindi member, you support our free lessons here and help us keep our series available to all.

Lesson 2: Hindi Travel Phrases

play Is there wheelchair access?
क्या वहाँ पैयोवाली कुर्सी चला सकते है?
kya vaha paiyovali kursi chala sakate hai?
play Are there facilities for the disabled?
वहाँ विकलांगों के लिए सुविधाएं है?
vahan vikalangon ke liye sividha hai?
play Are guide dogs allowed?
वहाँ कुत्तों की अनुमति है?
vaha kutto ki anumati hai?
play Let’s go to Mumbai.
चलो मुंबई चलते हैं.
chalo Mumbai chalate hai.
play Can you get me a taxi?
क्या आप मेरे लिए एक टैक्सी का इंतजाम कर सकते है?
gya aap mere liye ek taixi ka intajam kara sakate hai?

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