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Hindi shopping phrasesWhen you travel through India you are going to buy some stuff. The best way to get a good deal on your purchase is to speak some Hindi with the merchant. Click the blue audio buttons below and learn some Hindi shopping phrases before you visit India.

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Lesson 7: Hindi Shopping Phrases

play Can you tell me …?
क्या आप मुझे … बता सकते हैं?
kya aapa mujhe … bata sakate hai?
play Can I have …?
क्या मैं … ले सकती हूँ?
kya main … le sakati hun?
play What’s that?
वो क्या है?
Vo kya hai?
play Is there … here?
क्या यहाँ … है?
kya yahan … hai?
play How much is it?
ये कितना है?
ye kitana hai?

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