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I’m Hungry, Let’s Get Something to Eat.

Hindi eating out phrasesThe people of India are very charming and outgoing, so quite naturally you’ll find yourself making friends and going out for a meal with them. And although many Indians speak English, all Indians are just delighted when you attempt to speak their language instead of expecting them to adapt to yours. So in Lesson 6: Hindi Eating Out Phrases, you’ll learn the basics of ordering a meal and giving your opinion what you think about the food.

Of course, it isn’t always obvious how Hindi should be pronounced, so you’ll want to press the blue audio button next to each phrase to hear how a native Hindi speaker would say it. Repeat the phrase aloud, and then press the button again to check your pronunciation. Best of all, you can do this as many times as you like, until you’re completely comfortable with your mastery of the lesson.

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Lesson 6: Hindi Eating Out Phrases

play Would you like a …?
क्या आपको … पसंद है?
kya aapako … pasand hai?
play Would you like to …?
आपको क्या लेना पसंद है?
Aapako kya lenaa psand hai?
play Nothing for me, thanks.
धन्यवाद! मेरे लिए कुछ नही.
Dhanyavaad! Mere liye kuch nahin.
play Cheers!
play I would like to …
मैं … लेना पसंद करुंगा.
main … lena pasand karunga.
play I hate …
मुझे … से नफ़रत है
mujhe … se napharat hai
play Do you like …?
आपको … पसंद है?
aapko … pasand hai?
play It’s delicious!
यह स्वादिष्ट है!
yah swadisht hai!
play It’s awful!
यह भयंकर है!
yah bhayankar hai!
play I don’t drink.
मैं शराब नही पीता.
main shrab nahin pita.
play I don’t eat meat or fish.
मैं मच्छी या मास नहीं खाता.
Main macchi ya maas nahin khata.
play What would you like to drink?
आप क्या पीना पसंद करेंगें?
Aap kya pina pasand karenge?

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